A Financial Advisory Firm focused on Energy and Cleantech


Green Cape Finance is a financial advisory firm focused on the conventional and renewable energy business.We provide high-quality financial advisory to innovative companies including :

♦ Financial adisory on mergers, acquisitions, transfer of shares and asset disposal
♦ Fundraising (seed funds, venture capital, infrastructure funds, industrial partnerships …)
♦ Debt Structuring (non-recourse debt, mezzanine, bonds…)
Market Studies (analyzing new markets, new opportunities, potential partnerships, buy side mandates, strategic studies…)

Sans titre 1Green Cape Finance also provides international strategy consulting as well as legal and administrative assistance for international expansion.

Green Cape Finance focuses on environment and renewable energies companies: biomass, green chemistry, gas and biogas, geothermal science, photovoltaic and thermal solar energy, wind energy, marine energy, small hydro, smart grids, energy efficiency and energy storage.

We provide advisory services in France and abroad.


  • Green Cape Finance, 22 rue Nungesser et Coli, 75 016 Paris contact : gdeclisson@greencape.fr